Bioflex T-Shirt+Carbon

Bioflex T-Shirt+Carbon

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Biotex Bioflex +Carbon undershirt - Black Bioflex is a line of differentiated compression... mehr
Produktinformationen "Bioflex T-Shirt+Carbon"
Biotex Bioflex +Carbon undershirt - Black

Bioflex is a line of differentiated compression underwear that improves circulation and stimulates your muscle tone to help you attain your best performance. Elasticised and seamless, these garments are close-fitted, suitable for competition, training, and outdoor matches during the hottest months. Lightly and breathable with BTX yarn Polypropylene fibers for over 65% of its weight.

  • Extremely light weight and comfortable: you will forget you’re wearing it!
  • This shirt follows the body without constrict.
  • This article is thanked for the e.biker that want to test the performance of an underwear product.
  • The fabric fast takes the sweat out so the skin remains dry also during sport. It maintains the body temperature constant in order to ensure high performance.
  • This article is the mix of 2 different fabric: BTX polypropylene and Carbon yarns.
  • This fabric ensures a permanently antibacterial effect and avoid smell.
  • Seamless and with raglan cut on the sleeve.
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